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Chauncey: A person who tends to be more talented, smarter, and better over all in numerous ways then the average person. They tend to be more deserving of reverence and are thought of highly, but sometimes due to this are envied. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and George Washington were all Chauncey’s.

We wish we could say we already knew what Chauncey meant, but to be perfectly honest it’s nothing more then a nickname. Since I was knee high to a grasshopper it’s what most of my family has called me. We felt it would make a business as unique as we are.

Growing up in North Carolina I was exposed to 2 things. Good old fashioned “southern cooking” and BBQ. When I say BBQ we don’t mean Famous Dave’s we are talking about the real deal real Carolina BBQ. Slow smoked melt in your mouth BBQ.

In the coming months we will be launching our signature dry rub and vinegar based BBQ sauce. We have a lot in store for folks so keep checking back!

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