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If you’re looking for froo froo food, health food, or the latest in the vegan menu then you are lost and this is not where you should be. If you want real food that tastes out of this world and have the opinion of “the human race did not fight to get to the top of the food chain to eat grass”, then you are in the right place!

Chauncey’s is about real food the kind of food most of us from the south grew up on. Where you aren’t afraid to use butter and if you walk away hungry it’s your own fault.

Our complete menu will officially be launched later this winter. After we get our foundation set we will concentrate more on catering services & mail order of our dishes, spices, and sauce. Here is some of what we have planned ahead.



BBQ Pork comes a couple different ways.
Ribs: Our ribs are slow smoked for 6 hours over hickory wood. The meat all but falls of the bone. Our signature dry rub and Sauce makes them the first choice for any rib lover.

Pork Butts and Shoulders: We start our pork in our signature dry rub for for an entire day before they go in the smoker. Then we smoke our pork for 14 to 16 hours over hickory wood. Our process leaves the finished product moist on the inside with tons of Chauncey’s BBQ flavor on the outside. Soon we will be selling smoked pork Pulled, Picked or Chopped. You will be able to buy our pork by the pound, whole butt or whole shoulder. Ribs will be sold by the slab. Whether you are feeding a family of 3 or a group of 20 we can tailer a package to fit your needs.


Chicken: Our birds are smoked for 6 hours over peach wood or hickory wood. Our signature bird rub leaves flavor outside and inside. Rich flavor that’s hard to beat and moist meat inside. It’s a match made in Chicken Heaven!

Looking for something different for dinner? Try our pork or chicken! With a little advanced notice (at least 24 hrs) we can have your dinner set with 2 sides and more.

What is dinner without side dishes? This is just the start of our menu choices for side dishes.
Hush Puppies
Cole Slaw (vinegar based not mayonnaise)

Green Bean Casserole
Ham Casserole
Broccoli Casserole
Green Beans
Yellow Squash cooked in Italian oils and seasoning

Look for our complete menu coming out this winter!

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